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AltavistaEnglish: Australia and global web search! [spider] (Sydney, New South Wales)

AnzwersEnglish: Business search engine with an Australian/New Zealand focus [spider] (Sydney, New South Wales)

BoomerangEnglish: Matilda's Australian index search engine! (Caringbah, New South Wales)

BuscapiqueSpanish: Australian and Oceania search engine! (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

CowleysEnglish: Quick access to 1000's of Australian Business Websites/Clean index (Armidale, New South Wales)

ExciteEnglish: Australian or New Zealand or world index! [spider]

Go EurekaEnglish: If it's out there in Australia, New Zealand, or the world, they'll find it! [spider]

LooksmartEnglish: Exploring World! (Melbourne, Victoria)

MatildaEnglish: International or Australian index search engine! [spider] (Caringbah, New South Wales)

Money Web SearchEnglish: Today's premier international financial directory and resource guide! [spider] (Chatswood, New South Wales)

Oz GuideEnglish: Australia based Global search engine! (East Brighton, Victoria)

Oz SearchEnglish: The largest web directory in Australia! (Cheltanham, New South Wales)

Perth Network NavigatorEnglish: A listing of sites based in Perth! (Perth, Western Australia)

Slider SearchEnglish: Global search! (Beaumaris, Victoria)

South Australia CentralEnglish: A comprehensive catalogue South Australian Web sites! (Adelaide, South Australia)

Tasmania OnlineEnglish: A comprehensive index to all Tasmanian content on the World Wide Web! (Hobart, Tasmania)

Web SearchEnglish: Looking for something in Australia? [spider] (Sydney, New South Wales)

Web WombatEnglish: Australian Search Engine! [spider] (Melbourne, Victoria)

Yahoo!English: Yahoo! database from a uniquely Aussie and Kiwi perspective! (Sydney, New South Wales)

Australia Population - 1900: 3,800,000 - 1950: 7,581,000 - 2000: 19,165,000