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Alta VistaFrench: France and global web search! [spider] (Paris)

ApidomFrench: Websites of the French Antilles islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, plus French Guiana! [spider] (Deshaies, Guadeloupe)

CantalFrench: First search engine devoted to Cantal Department! (Neussargues-Moissac, Cantal)

C'est TrouveFrench: Searching the Francophone internet! (Marseille, Bouches-du Rhône)

ChaloopFrench: The search engine with a human face! (Paris)

Club InternetFrench: Selection of the best internet sites! (Paris)

EcilaFrench: The first internet search engine in the French language! (Paris)

Euroferret French: European Index: Search a specific country! [spider] (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

ExciteFrench: French or world index! [spider] (Paris)

FranciteFrench: Guide to France! (St.-Georges, Québec, Canada)

FranciteFrench: Guide to Africa! (St.-Georges, Québec, Canada)

HabariFrench: African web resources! (Bordeaux, Gironde)

IfossaFrench: Simplified internet search! (Franseches, Creuse)

KiatouFrench: One of the new generation of search engines! (London, United Kingdom)

LokaceFrench: Francophone or Personal webpages index! (Paris)

LycosFrench [spider] (Paris)

LyonWebFrench: Listing websites from the City of Lyon and it's region with both locals and tourists in mind! (Lyon, Rhône)

Nomade.frFrench (Paris)

Pari-WebFrench: A line to Parisian websites! (Paris)

SharelookFrench: Search France! (Nantes, Loire-Atantique)

SharelookFrench: Search Paris!

SharelookFrench: Search Lyon!

SharelookFrench: Search Marseille!

SharelookFrench: Search Nantes!

SharelookFrench: Search Strasbourg!

SplatFrench: An easy way to find exactly what you're looking for on the web! /Clean index [spider] (Dyer, Indiana, United States)

WalhelloFrench: Search engine for the whole internet! [spider] (Amstelveen, Noord Holland, Netherlands)

VoilaFrench: Search the best of the French web with Voila's French search engine! [spider] (Paris)

VoilaFrench: Thematic search! (Paris)

VoilaFrench: Personal pages search! [spider] (Paris)

VoilaFrench: Guide to the City of Lyon!

Wo Yaa!French: Your window to Africa on the Internet! (London, United Kingdom)

Yahoo!French (Paris)

France Population - 1900: 39,000,000 - 1950: 40,503,000 - 2000: 59,412,000